Standard Mechanical Seals

The mechanical seal is a rotary machine shaft seal device, refers to at least a pair of perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the end surface in the liquid pressure and compensation for the role of tissue elastic (or magnetic) and auxiliary seal cooperation, so as to keep the paste and the relative sliding and constitute the equipment to avoid leakage of fluid. The primary function of mechanical seals is to prevent leakage of gases and liquids in rotating shaft applications. It is widely used in mechanical seal specifications for pump, agitator, compressor and other similar equipment, Standard mechanical seals usually divide into component mechanical seal and cartridge mechanical seal in assembling method. And the component mechanical shaft seal can also be divided into single spring mechanical seals, wave spring mechanical seals, Elastomer bellow mechanical seals , metal bellow mechanical seals etc. We can provide many equivalent standard types of mechanical seals of many famous brand as Eagle burgmann, AES, John crane and Vulcan.
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